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6 Key Questions for Bible Study

January 24, 2017, 0 Comments

As a pastor, I’ve consistently encouraged believers to engage the Bible. I’ve pleaded with people to read it, memorize, and share it. But one thing that I often failed to do was teach people how to properly study it. In a recent message, I shared six questions that will help you study and understand any passage. They come from my book Habits for Our Holiness in the chapter about how to properly engage the Bible.

  1. God question: How does the passage reveal God’s character?
  2. Salvation question: How does the passage reveal God’s redemptive plan?
  3. Context question: How did the passage apply to the original hearers?
  4. Personal question: How does this truth affect my relationship with Christ?
  5. Sin question: In what ways do I rebel against the truth of this passage?
  6. Mission question: What is the impact of the passage on the church?

As you work through passages in your personal devotional life or for public teaching, I hope that these questions will keep your thoughts God-centric as you explore His Word.

You can check out more about the spiritual discipline of Bible study and the other disciplines in my book Habits for Our Holiness.

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