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Pursuing Holiness – A New Study on James

March 21, 2018, 0 Comments

I have just published my newest work. It is a six-week study on the Book of James. The title “Pursuing Holiness: Applications from James” holds a promise and, I hope, will dispel a myth.

Too many people think that a holy life is a boring one that is disconnected from reality. But, it is not. Rather, holiness is the eternal status that believers have before God because of Christ’s work done on our behalf. It is also the way of life that we pursue in giving priority to the will and ways of God. Our holiness is something given to us that should overflow into all of our life’s interactions. In these six sessions, you and your Bible study group can dig into the idea of a normal life that is characterized by a habitual holiness.

Check out the trailer below and then jump over to LifeWay to download samples of the book and watch video clips of the teaching.

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