10 Prayers for My Church

June 16, 2018, 0 Comments

Our church is 128 years old. It did great ministry in the past and can do great ministry for years to come. Here are my prayers for us as a church moving forward.

  1. I pray that we will possess a clear, true, and overwhelming vision of Jesus that drives us to live completely for the glory of God.
  2. I pray that we will live up to the personal responsibility for making disciples.
  3. I pray that we will be passionately engaged in our worship gatherings.
  4. I pray that we will be crazy generous with our personal finances.
  5. I pray that we will put our “Yes” on the table and be ready to serve as missionaries anywhere in the world.
  6. I pray that we will be a church planting church.
  7. I pray that we will daily seek the filling by the Holy Spirit.
  8. I pray that we will cast off personal preferences about style and implement the ministries that meets the needs in our community.
  9. I pray that we will numerically grow to show that more people are following Jesus.
  10. I pray that we will pray with faith that God will deliver us from temptation, break chains of captivity, comfort hearts pained by the world, empower believers for holy living, and save sinners from judgment.


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