5 Reasons I Use the CSB Translation

June 28, 2018, 2 Comments

I happily use the CSB translation of the Bible for my personal reading and my public ministry. The Christian Standard Bible is reliable and accessible to any reader of scripture. Here are a few of the reasons that I have encouraged my church and other pastors to use it.

1. The Translation Philosophy. The CSB translation committee refers to their philosophy as “Optimal Equivalence.” It is a strong intersection of precision to the ancient language and readability in contemporary English. In fact, Dr. Andi Wu has produced a quantitative analysis showing the dynamic power of this translation philosophy.

2. Translation Oversight Committee. It is difficult to leave your biases at the door for any conversation or work. The danger in Bible translation is that a group that all have the exact same theological nuances will unwittingly (or purposefully) force those into the translation. The group translating the CSB had a wide array of representation across educational backgrounds (from Harvard University to our Southern Baptist seminaries), ethnicities, denominations, and Evangelical traditions. It is an impressive list of scholars.

3. Readable. There is an old question and answer: What is the best kind of Bible? The one that people read. Now, there are a few translations that are academically weak and we should avoid. But putting those aside, the impulse of the adage is true. The CSB is not just readable, it is inviting and enjoyable. Without question, I perceive it is the smoothest and easiest translation for people to engage.

4. Formats. In a short period of time, the B&H Publishers have produced a large set of formats for the CSB. It is likely that I personally own far too many of them. (But it’s not hoarding if it’s books.) Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some reviews and analyses of the various published formats of the CSB; both printed and video. But for now, I would suggest that you take a look at the CSB Study Bible and the The Disciples Study Bible.

5. The CSB Study Bible. I have the unique perspective of having been the general editor of a study Bible. It was an honor and a privilege to work on The Mission of God Study Bible. Knowing the immense amount of work that goes into such a project, I am even more impressed with the CSB Study Bible. I use it every week as I prepare for preaching and teaching. You should definitely have one in your personal library.

A finally, a word from the CSB Stylist and one of my favorite humans in the world: Michael Card.

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