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June 29, 2018, 0 Comments

Here are five posts that I enjoyed this week plus a bonus social media post.

1. Ron Edmondson – Excellence Often Comes with Quirks. A brief but insightful post about how to move past people’s quirks to lead them well.

2. Anonymous contributor – 10 Ways Church Members Undermine Their Credibility. Post from an anonymous pastor giving guidance to church members about how they interact with church leaders.

3. Kate Shellnut – Make Worship Patriotic Again? The Top 10 Songs for Fourth of July Services. Fascinating article that reveals how many churches in America actively celebrate Americana and some wise words for guidance from a few theologians.

4. Michael Bird – Romans 13, Government, and the Obedient Christian Citizen. From this Australian citizen and wonderful theologian, it is worth the read to sharpen our thinking about how we view the power of the government.

5. Tony Schwartz – Leaders Focus Too Much on Changing Policies, and Not Enough on Changing Minds. From Harvard Business Review, this is a short piece that all pastors and church members need to read.

And your bonus social media link of the week. Enjoy.

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