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Pastor Appreciation Month

October 2, 2018, 0 Comments

Somewhere along the way, someone designated the second Sunday of October as “Clergy Appreciation Day.” Eventually, it became known as “Pastor Appreciation Day.” Now, in some places you’ll read about all of October being observed as “Pastor Appreciation Month.”

I don’t know who started the nonofficial holiday, celebration, or whatever it is. But I’m going to observe it all month long for the sake of my fellow pastors who give their lives for the cause of God’s church. During the month, I’ll daily post on one of my social media feeds about pastors who have made an impact on my life. Some you will know and others will be part of the unseen majority of guys laboring in obscurity. Some are good friends to me and others made a difference from a distance.

I don’t expect it to necessarily make a huge difference in everyone’s life. But I know that pastors, both those in fast-growing congregations and the rest of us, need the encouragement. I hope you’ll join in with the effort. It’s not to prop up egos or score a social media reply. It’s so that those who serve Christ well are cheered on for their faithfulness.

Join me in celebrating the pastors that have contributed to your journey with Christ. Find someone who could use the acknowledgement and find a way to bless their life.

  • Make a phone call
  • Send a small token of your appreciation
  • Babysit their kids for a night
  • Mail a hand-written note
  • Invite them over for a non-agenda night of food and fun
  • Give a big social media shoutout
  • Zap an encouraging email or text
  • Let them hear you pray for them
  • Celebrate loudly that God’s power is at work in their life!

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