Persecuted Church Sunday

October 4, 2018, 0 Comments

Each year, millions of Christians are violently persecuted for their faith and thousands are martyred for the cause of Christ. Every year, churches from around the world observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP), or simply Persecuted Church Sunday. It is a day of specific prayer and intentional engagement for our persecuted brothers and sisters. This year, Persecuted Church Sunday is November 4.

Lead your church to join in the cause and highlight the needs of those who suffer because of their faith in Jesus Christ on Persecuted Church Sunday.

As a part of the “stable” church in the West, we can and must do more about the issue. I believe in this so deeply that I’ve led our church to partner with MORE International. We are sending mission teams and financially supporting work in Jordan to care for persecuted Christians that have fled their home countries. I have traveled and preached in Brazil to rally churches to engage in the work. Over the last two years, I’ve been in Jordan, Thailand, and Myanmar to personally minister to the persecuted church. Earlier this year, I became a part of the MORE US Board of Directors and have accepted their invitation to be the chairman of the US work. So I’m inviting your church to join with MORE International in observing this special Sunday of remembrance and prayer. We can do this together.

THERE IS NO “THEM” is the theme that MORE International has chosen for this year. We want believers to remember that we are one church, therefore, we are all being persecuted and we should all take responsibility (1 Cor. 12:26).

To assist you in planning your church’s observance of Persecuted Church Sunday, MORE International is providing a FREE MEDIA KIT that you may download, containing materials easily adaptable to your church. You can use the Kit to plan a short prayer time or to emphasize the persecuted church during the entire service on November 4. (If November 4 will not work for your church, we encourage you to use November 11.) Please download the Free Media Kit and use it to focus believers in the stable church on believers in the suffering church.

As a pastor, I know that we are asked to announce a million things, support a bunch of other ministries, and collect money for an endless number of causes. With no hesitation, I implore you to engage in this issue. It is not the only important issue but it is a critical one. Together, we can do MORE.

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