For What I Give Thanks

November 20, 2018, 0 Comments

As I write this post, it is the day before I begin my Thanksgiving break. It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon and our offices are closed the rest of the week. During the days ahead, our family will play together, eat a lot, rest a bit, and laugh a lot. So, I’m catching this moment — with you — to remember those things for which I am thankful.

To say what ought to be said, I am most grateful for my salvation. Freely given at the greatest of costs. Jesus, I pray that you will always be the biggest deal in my life. I’m happy to find my life and identity in You.

To say what else ought to be said, I am immensely grateful for my wife Angie. She magnifies joy and eases difficulties. I am, among all men, most blessed. I am so proud of my son Andrew and love him in a ridiculous kind of way. He makes me smile in so many ways. I am blown away by my son Chris and love him with a crazy abandon. He is a game-changer kind of man.

To add to our joy, I love the new girls in our lives. Jenna is Chris’ girlfriend who is a precious and tough. Jessica is Andrew’s girlfriend who is feisty and fun.

And then there is so much more…

The faithful of our church First Bradenton who love to love the hurting and love to worship the King.

Our Life Group that are our Florida family. I love them and their kiddos. It’s life-giving to have them in our house, eating our food, staying too late, and laughing too loud. The prayers and friendship of these people mean more to me than I’ll ever be able to express.

The ministry partners I have in this season of life. Jesus is overly kind to me. I get to do cool stuff by teaching at Houston Baptist University; a school that could change the world. I’m able to care for needy kids by serving on the board for the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and One More Child. I travel the world to aid the persecuted church with MORE International. Plus, I get to write for LifeWay Christian Resources and work with other publishers along the way. Too blessed. I am too blessed.

My friends. The list is too long and I’ll leave people out. But there’s a lot of them. Michael and Hayley. Mark and Janet. John. Doug. Mike. Keith and Carol. Jeremiah and Audrey. Wade. Jerry and Christi. Mario. Daniel. Matt and Tammy. Derwin. Matt. Marty. Darrin. Christine and Nick. Priscilla. Erik. And a lot of others.

At the end of it all… I’m just happy for the grace of God that He gives and makes alive through so many others.


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