10 Questions to Ask Other Leaders

November 4, 2019, 0 Comments

A leader needs to be a learner. And the learning needs to be constant. It proves itself to be true over and over again that you can learn from anyone in any leadership position. In thinking about my current stage of life and work that I’m endeavoring to accomplish, here are 10 questions I plan to ask other leaders.

1. What are the best hiring practices and processes you’ve used or seen?

2. What are your reading habits?

3. What other arenas of leadership and industries do you learn from?

4. Tell me about the pieces of technology, apps, and software that help you the most.

5. Do you have a plan to intentionally develop yourself as a leader?

6. What is your plan to intentionally develop others into leaders?

7. What is your daily schedule of work?

8. How do you design and hold a great meeting?

9. Do brainstorming meetings really work? If so, how do you do one well?

10. What do you do with a team member who has bad chemistry with the rest of the team?

These are not the only questions that I have but they are some that come to the top of my mind in this season.

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