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Jesus Sermons

Jesus the Immortal

January 22, 2018, 0 Comments

The condition of our hearts requires reconciliation to God and daily help to grow in our faith. As faulty humans, we often look for solutions through a multitude of self-initiated efforts and achievements. If you need an illustration of this reality, just look at the latest book bestseller list. Our Christian faith operates in an […]

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Jesus, Music

Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed

March 24, 2016, 0 Comments

A hymn to consider on this Maundy Thursday. Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed Lyrics by Isaac Watts (1674-1748)   Alas! and did my Savior bleed, and did my Sovereign die! Would he devote that

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That’s My King! Do You Know Him?

April 5, 2015, 0 Comments

S. M. Lockridge was a powerful preacher. Among his powerful life as a pastor, he is perhaps best known for several litanies during various messages. One of those is a message when he repeatedly used

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