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The Friend of Sinners Dies

April 18, 2019, 0 Comments

Somewhere around 1709, Isaac Watts wrote the words to “The Friend of Sinners Dies” and various tunes have been used to sing the hymn. Read the lyrics slowly and allow your soul to soar with the victory of the cross. He dies! the friend of sinners dies! Lo! Salem’s daughters weep around; A solemn darkness […]

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Evangelism, Jesus

Into the Light

October 24, 2018, 0 Comments

We are a curious people. It’s why we have words like: predict, theorize, conjecture, and speculation. We look for answers. I especially like the word “guesswork.” It shows that even in our guessing, we think

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Bible study, Jesus

Jesus Revealed in Revelation

June 25, 2018, 0 Comments

Dystopian futures and apocalyptic stories have always been popular stories to write and tell. It seems that there has been a resurgence in this genre over the last few years. Series of novels, television shows,

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Jesus, Sermons

God in the Flesh

February 12, 2018, 0 Comments

The arrival of Jesus is the most significant moment in human history and humans’ eternity. John 1:10-18 allows us to see the depth of meaning held within arrival into the world. 10 He was in

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John and The Light

January 29, 2018, 0 Comments

“He was made to do that.” “It’s like her whole life has built up to this one point.” “That has to be their whole purpose in life.” Every now and again we watch a person

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Jesus the Immortal

January 22, 2018, 0 Comments

The condition of our hearts requires reconciliation to God and daily help to grow in our faith. As faulty humans, we often look for solutions through a multitude of self-initiated efforts and achievements. If you

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