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Call Your Pastor Friend

April 24, 2019, 0 Comments

I’ve served on church staff or in some ministry role since 1989. In the beginning, it was internships and part-time positions. Over the last decade, it has been a combination of full-time, bivocational, publishing, and

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Recruitment vs. Reproduction

January 21, 2019, 0 Comments

As leaders, we are in the business of raising new leaders and even replacing ourselves. It would be easy to make the case that if you are not preparing someone else to take your place

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Church, Leadership

Pastor Appreciation Month

October 2, 2018, 0 Comments

Somewhere along the way, someone designated the second Sunday of October as “Clergy Appreciation Day.” Eventually, it became known as “Pastor Appreciation Day.” Now, in some places you’ll read about all of October being observed

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