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Scheduling for Success

April 29, 2019, 1 Comment

Over the course of my working years, I’ve run the gamut of various jobs. In the world of 9-5 jobs, I’ve stocked shelves, worked in a machine shop, worked in a funeral home, team leader for the 2000 Census Bureau, and director in a large publishing/resource company. In ministry, I’ve served as a youth minister, […]

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Life, Productivity

Permission to Pause

August 17, 2015, 0 Comments

It has been just over three months since I last posted an article to my blog site… and I feel fine. The reasons for my absence from blogging (if anyone noticed) is really a short

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Learning about Productivity

February 27, 2014, 1 Comments

I am constantly on the hunt to sharpen the productivity of my life. My life goes something like this: husband, father, son, brother, full-time employee, part-time minister, aspiring writer, thinking about another academic degree, must

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