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Friday Links

June 17, 2016, 0 Comments

Here are five posts that I enjoyed this week plus a bonus social media post. 1. Ryan Hoselton – Bonhoeffer’s Answer to Political Turmoil: Preach! Bonhoeffer spoke “into this atmosphere of angst and uncertainty with

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Passages Israel

June 16, 2016, 0 Comments

I just returned from a ten day trip to Israel. It was a great experience and I’ll be posting numerous time about it over the next few weeks. We took a group of 37 students

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New York City, October 2015, Manhattan

An Asterisk to My Sermon

May 27, 2016, 3 Comments

If you speak often enough, you will eventually say something best left unsaid. Pastors are not immune to this principle. After a recent sermon, as I closed the worship service, I repaired an ill-stated portion

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