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Why the Resurrection Matters

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TF logoOn Palm Sunday, we were so excited about the resurrection that our teaching team just jumped on the idea a week early. At The Fellowship campuses, we taught on why the resurrection matters to Christian living. After the message, we received The Lord’s Supper and celebrated all the beautiful work that Jesus has accomplished on our behalf. Like every other Christian pastor/preacher/teacher on the planet, I am looking forward to sharing the pointed message of Christ’s sacrifice for us on Easter Sunday.


Why the Resurrection Matters


  • Certain events define our lives.
  • Individuals: marriage, birth of a child, retirement
  • Cultures: 9/11, fall of Berlin wall, economic recession
  • Resurrection of Jesus: central event of human history
  • Need to grasp the everyday significance of this event.
  • Paul argued in 1 Cor. 15:17 that “if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless.”
  • Resurrection should be central to our lives.
  • “The problem, after all, is not belief in the resurrection, but whether we live lives that would make no sense if in fact Jesus has not been raised from the dead.” ~ Stanley Hauerwas
  • The Resurrection Changes Everything! 
  • When Jesus victoriously walked out of the grave, it was a declaration that everything changes.


  1. We Relate to God with Confidence (Romans 4:24-25)
  • To many people, God is terrifying. But He is also good.
  • The empty grave of Easter means that God offers us a way to be forgiven for our sin, justified, and righteous.
  • The empty grave declares God’s approval of Christ, and thus of you and me. We are declared righteous.
  • The promise that we can stand approved w/confidence.
  • Let go of your guilt.
  • Let go of shame.
  • Live in freedom.
  • Any accusation is just a lie from the world & the pit.
  • Resurrection changes everything. No longer relate to God in fear or doubt. Relate to God as sons & daughters.


  1. We Face Death Without Fear (Romans 6:5-11)
  • We think about death more often than most would admit. Fascination with the afterlife; heaven visitation books, movies about demonic forces, etc.
  • The resurrection of Christ declared the death of death.
  • The fear of death no longer rules over us.
  • The empty grave of Easter declares that Jesus defeated the one thing that we have not understood or overcome.
  • Changes how we grieve. Not as those without hope.
  • We face death without fear because Christ faced death without regret.
  • For believers, death is the doorway to real living. In eternity, you will be more alive than ever before.
  • Resurrection changes everything. No longer face death without hope or in despair. In Christ, death does not have the last word. What comes next is beautiful.


  1. We Live Life with Hope(Romans 8:18-23)
  • We will suffer, but it will not have the last word.
  • The world will be renewed, and we will too.
  • The good things we enjoy in this life will be multiplied. The pains of this life will be no more.
  • Easter’s empty grave declares that God is unveiling a new world and you’re invited to belong to it.
  • It is unstoppable. Unwavering. Undefeatable.
  • By the resurrection of Christ, we have been included into an unstoppable kingdom.
  • Resurrection changes everything. No longer live in defeat from suffering or hardships. Not captive to the broken systems and pressures of this world. We are empowered to press through, as ones who have hope for an eternal life that is unimaginable.

The Seeker Sensitive Church Naming Committee

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A brilliant video from author Jared Brock about churches trying a little too hard.

On Wednesday, I’ll post an excerpt from Jared’s new book A Year of Living Prayerfully.

All of the NT “One Another” Commands

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Jeffrey Kranz of The Bible Overview Project has produced a great infographic about all of the “one another
commands in the New Testament.


Infographic: all the one another commands in the New Testament


webpage source: The Bible Overview Project

9 Year Discipleship Strategy

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A church in Illinois has taken a bold step to take on a 9-year discipleship strategy for all of the age groups in their church. Watch the video of FBC Marion to see how they are going to use Explore the Bible for all ages to lead their members through a journey through the entire Bible.

Discipleship Strategy at FBC Marion, IL from Explore the Bible on Vimeo.

The Confession of St. Patrick

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St. Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland. Although many details of his life are shrouded in mystery and legend, it is clear that St. Patrick had a profound impact upon the people of Ireland. The Confessions of St. Patrick is the brief story of St. Patrick’s life, told through his own eyes. The work provides an intriguing glance into one of history’s best-known saints. The Confessions of St. Patrick is similar to St. Augustine’s Confessions – they are more theological in nature than autobiographical. Scholars have speculated that St. Patrick penned this work in defense of his good name, after having his character attacked by people in power. Regardless, it provides a stirring account of the miraculous ways that God works, and encourages believers into a life of courage and holiness.

Source: Tim Perrine, CCEL Staff Writer


The Confession of St. Patrick (paragraphs 56-62)

Behold now I commend my soul to God who is most faithful and for whom I perform my mission in obscurity, but he is no respecter of persons and he chose me for this service that I might be one of the least of his ministers.

For which reason I should make return for all that he returns me. But what should I say, or what should I promise to my Lord, for I, alone, can do nothing unless he himself vouchsafe it to me. But let him search my heart and [my] nature, for I crave enough for it, even too much, and I am ready for him to grant me that I drink of his chalice, as he has granted to others who love him.

Therefore may it never befall me to be separated by my God from his people whom he has won in this most remote land. I pray God that he gives me perseverance, and that he will deign that I should be a faithful witness for his sake right up to the time of my passing.

And if at any time I managed anything of good for the sake of my God whom I love, I beg of him that he grant it to me to shed my blood for his name with proselytes and captives, even should I be left unburied, or even were my wretched body to be torn limb from limb by dogs or savage beasts, or were it to be devoured by the birds of the air, I think, most surely, were this to have happened to me, I had saved both my soul and my body. For beyond any doubt on that day we shall rise again in the brightness of the sun, that is, in the glory of Christ Jesus our Redeemer, as children of the living God and co-heirs of Christ, made in his image; for we shall reign through him and for him and in him.

For the sun we see rises each day for us at [his] command, but it will never reign, neither will its splendour last, but all who worship it will come wretchedly to punishment. We, on the other hand, shall not die, who believe in and worship the true sun, Christ, who will never die, no more shall he die who has done Christ’s will, but will abide for ever just as Christ abides for ever, who reigns with God the Father Almighty and with the Holy Spirit before the beginning of time and now and for ever and ever. Amen.

Behold over and over again I would briefly set out the words of my confession. I testify in truthfulness and gladness of heart before God and his holy angels that I never had any reason, except the Gospel and his promises, ever to have returned to that nation from which I had previously escaped with difficulty.

But I entreat those who believe in and fear God, whoever deigns to examine or receive this document composed by the obviously unlearned sinner Patrick in Ireland, that nobody shall ever ascribe to my ignorance any trivial thing that I achieved or may have expounded that was pleasing to God, but accept and truly believe that it would have been the gift of God. And this is my confession before I die.


Source: Christian Classics Ethereal Library

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